Web Application

Poolarserver provides access to all product lines and modules independently of time and location and with all common web browsers.

The software is hosted centrally on our servers. Through this, local software installation and updates are not neccessary.

All data and information is available in its most recent version independently of time and location and for multiple users simultaneously.

poolarProject iPhone app image

Mobile Application

poolarPROJECT and poolarOFFICE are available as apps for mobile application.

poolarPROJECT broadens its desktop-based web application with useful features such as mobile display of plans with current status check or capturing and locating defects at the construction site.

poolarOFFICE provides project-specific time tracking on the go as well as access to contact information of office employees. Additionally, current office projects can be be displayed along with their respective information and images.

Data that has been captured on mobile can later be synchronized with the web application and is then available in a central location for all users.