Invoice Workflow

The invoice workflow module offers digital invoice management around the topics of invoices, supplements and hourly wage work.

The fact that invoices, supplements and hourly wage statements can be uploaded by the invoicing companies themselves and are automatically stored in the correct directory in the system makes work considerably easier for submitters (invoice issuers) and verifiers (invoice recipients).

When uploading, the stored check processes are triggered – with predefined check sequences, recipients and deadlines. This means that the incoming documents and processing statuses are digitally documented. At the same time, the system creates a task and sends an email to the responsible recipient. The task is also displayed in the dashboard on the start page of a project room.

The actual invoice verification or verification of supplements and reports is carried out in the usual way for each auditor, using the software used. The test results are then uploaded to the associated section and are also documented.

All parties involved, i.e. both the invoicing and the auditing companies, are stored in the system as project room members. This eliminates tedious searching and entering of contact data for e-mail dispatch. Invoice issuers, auditors and other authorized readers, such as clients and project managers, can track the current processing status of a document at any time via the dashboard and module.

Optional: Invoice Workflow expanded

The activation of further elements can also be booked, enabling the recording of additional costs and charges. The module can also be used to record and create contract-related correspondence, such as notifications of concerns, obstruction notices and notices of default, as well as to record and conveniently list acceptances.

Einzeleintrag Rechnung-Vergabeeinheit

Individual entry of the invoice for an award unit, with basic data, schedule and sequence of check steps.



Übersichtsliste der Nachträge nach Vergabeeinheiten und mit farbiger Darstellung des Bearbeitungsstatus.

Overview list of supplements according to award units and with colored display of the processing status.