Workspaces for the Construction Industry

poolarPROJECT is our product line for organizing and navigating your projects. In addition to the browser version, some modules are also available as an app for mobile use.

Poolarserver products generally are web-based and accessible via secure internet access. There’s no need to install any software. We ensure that your application is always up to date and you are not required to perform regular updates yourself. Our servers are located inside the EU.



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Project Workspace

A project workspace is the virtual space that optimizes all construction-specific processes and the execution of your project. In addition to the traditional use as a plan server, further modules are available.

Each of our modules is based on a central database that all participants can access and use independently of time and place. This way, database entries are always up to date. The history function offers a comprehensible documentation of modifications and additions at any time. Important data can also be accessed in offline mode through our apps.

Project Participants List

The list with all project participants is a key element of every project room. Aside from contact information, it also includes specifications and settings for user management.

Defects Management

Our tool for comfortably collecting references, defects, remaining work, etc. in a decentralized location via a computer or directly from the construction site. Pictures taken on site can be sorted directly into their respective entry in the defects list and located on a plan section. Individually customizable, VOB-compliant letters can be generated and sent manually or automatically to project participants.

Plan and File Storage

Easy and documented exchange of plans and data between all project participants. Characteristic features of the Poolarserver include fast preview images, flexible naming of plans, automatic version control, generable plan lists, direct connection to repro services as well as an integrated IFC Viewer for BIM projects.

Overall scheduling of appointments is made easier with the exportable calendar. For project communication, a Project Wiki that can be populated flexibly and a Project News module for every individual project are available.

Bill Run

Every validator handles a bill that needs to be validated in their usual way and with their usual software. The result of the individual stages of validation and approval by all validators is then documented comprehensibly in our Bill Run module for all authorized members, such as the developer and operating trades. The conventional distribution by email is not necessary.

Construction Journal

Our Construction Journal report with its flexible adaption to your requirements can be used by all companies involved in your construction project. All relevant information is collected in one central location. Powerful filters make it possible to sort data by different criteria.

Room Book

A room book for non-redundant management of all space-specific information on a building, such as room temperature, load carrying capacities, windows, floorings etc.

Image Database

The tool for photographic documentation with which pre-set and user-defined keywords, such as room number, HOAI-phase, comment etc., can be attributed to images. You can filter by keywords or other assigned attributes at any time. Especially with large numbers of images, as can be the case with pictures taken at the construction site or for progress documentation, this enables fast retrievability.

poolarPROJECT App

Some modules are also available as a mobile version called “poolarPROJECT” in the corresponding app stores. This includes the project participants list and access to file storage.

A special feature is the QR code functionality with which plans that have been named accordingly can be screened for their currency with the integrated scan functionality. The modules Defect Management and Construction Journal are also available in the app.

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Office Management for the Construction Industry

poolarOFFICE is our other product line designed specifically for organizing and managing offices with multiple locations. Includes modules such as time tracking, controlling and staff planning.

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