In 2005, two engineers decide at their young sons’ swimming class that they want to start a business together. At this point in time, both of them have already been gaining practical experience for years – one as an architect, the other as a head of department for environmental foreign aid projects. What unites them is a penchant and a deep understanding for IT structures, an additional area they are in charge of at their respective workplace, as well as the desire for a “good” software solution for team collaboration.

In 2007, Poolarserver is founded. The objective is to simplify the collaboration of people in cross-location offices and projects in the construction sector. This newly developed solution will be compliant with the KISS principle – keep it simple [and] stupid and be intuitive to use.
Since 2012, we operate under the name Poolarserver GmbH. We still believe that software is supposed to adapt to humans, not the other way around. We still adhere to the task of developing solutions that are intuitive to use by reducing them to their essentials and to a good structure.

Work Process



At the beginning, there is listening and understanding (or rather the objective of wanting to understand). We analyze and consult, e.g. regarding the implementation of conclusive and structuring file keys.



With the second step, we customize our solutions for your needs and project requirements. This is about fine-tuning the configuration – for an ideal adaptation of your wishes or as a standardized ready-to-use solution.



During the operational phase, you’re not on your own: unlimited support is included in the service we offer. It’s up to you to decide if you want to act as administrator yourself or if you want us to handle the server-sided project management. We support you in every way.


Tobias Skarman

Tobias Skarman

Tobias Skarman
holds a degree in computer science (Dipl.-Ing.) and has over 15 years of experience in our company. Before taking over as Managing Director in June 2023, he worked for many years as Head of Technology in software development at Poolarserver and helped to grow the company. He will ensure the continuity of our Poolarserver products. Going forward, it is his goal to successfully position Poolarserver on the market in an increasingly demanding environment.

Dr. Hanno Treiber

Dr. Hanno Treiber

Dr. Hanno Treiber
holds a degree in information management (Dipl.-Informationswirt) and has a wealth of experience in the areas of sales and strategic business development in Germany and abroad. At the end of 2023, he “fell in love” with our construction software company and took on the role of Managing Director. His heart beats for customers and customer satisfaction. Professional implementation and fun in doing so are particularly important to him. His goal: to inspire even more customers with our great product and support.

Bianca N.

Natalie Deplazes

Lars Nowag

Till Grab

Karin Scholl

Sonja Heckmann

Fabian W.

Julia-Christin Fruncea

Marco Siviero

Lukas S.

A. Koimtzidou

Michael M.

Benjamin Ziegler

Robert Zdencaj

Güven Kantemir

Gösta F.

Markus Rembrink

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Paul Sinkwitz

Tamara-Jane Schickle

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Fabian Kerner

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Anna Becker

Hajo Haller

Carolin Sayer

Michael S.

Tim Jachmann

P. Weihing

Klaus Schwägerl Founder and Director, Managing Director until 2023, Dipl.-Ing. Architect. Before Poolarserver, he worked for more than 10 years as an employee and associate at a well-known Stuttgart architectural firm.

Robin L.

Heike L.

Gregor H.

N. Thoma

Lena U.

Founding and Birthplace

Our first address is entwined with stories. Where carpets are said to have once been stored and later church services to have been celebrated, Poolarserver finds a home. We like the central location and the daily lunch at the regular eatery, where well-known faces from the nearby state parliament can be studied over a meal.

Stäffele Days

While people passing by the Stäffele – Stuttgart’s many outdoor stairways – are sweating in the summer heat of Stuttgart’s city basin, we enjoy a natural cooling due to the Northern semi-basement location. Here, we experience our exciting start-up days and the company gets its first additions. In 2012, Poolarserver becomes a GmbH – a Limited Liability Company.

Backyard Stories

The first office is starting to be too small. We want to stay in the neighborhood and find a larger place for the growing team in the second row. Here, it is greener and denser at the same time – with some neighbors with whom we are still in good contact today. And a long-held wish is fulfilled: our own billiard table.

Many Balls in the Game

Where previously everyone was responsible for everything, we have now reached a workforce for two team areas: Development and customer service. When the existing office premises become too cramped in the anniversary year, we take a chance with a more modern office space in a central location. And of course the billiard table gets to come along as well.

New Ways of Working

This year has changed us. For the first time, the workforce at the office is clearly structured, even while the team continues to grow. We get to know new ways of working together and build new tools for us and for our customers that support us in our ventures.



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