BCF Issue Management

With our BCF Issue Manager, a model-based communication between different users is realized, which enables collaboration independent of the respective BIM software that was used originally. POOLARSERVER, as the leading system, takes over the distribution, organization and evaluation of the BCF issues, in accordance with the international open BCF standard of the buildingSMART Group.

Agreements, change requests and meeting results, etc., can be logged as BCF issues directly in the model view and resulting tasks and responsibilities can be assigned.

3D BIM model view in the integrated IFC viewer,
with BCF Issue Management enabled

BCF issues typically contain information on name, description, user, phase and priority. Furthermore, camera viewpoints with viewing direction and location can be recorded in the model. In addition to configurable categories, responsibilities and deadlines can be entered, as well as the processing status. A comment function facilitates the exchange of information between the parties involved in the respective issue.

Compared to individual solutions, the management of BCF issues with POOLARSERVER offers the advantage that the project participants already exist in the workspace and therefore do not have to be created and managed separately. The tasks and deadlines generated from the BCF issues are displayed in the dashboard on the start page of the workspace.

A direct connection to Autodesk® Revit® is available as a plug-in.