Defect Management

Defect management is a tool for user-friendly and decentralized recording of notices, defects, remaining work, etc. either on mobile via our poolarPROJECT app (for Andorid and iOS) or web-based via a PC. Photos taken on the construction site can be directly allocated to an entry in the defects list and located on a plan section. Customizable letters that are compliant to VOB criteria (German Construction Contract Procedures) can be generated and sent manually or automatically to the corresponding project participants.

If the defect is not remedied, the responsible company is informed and automatically receives a letter setting a period of grace (based on the appropriate default settings). The content and dispatch of these letters can be customized for each project. The tasks and deadlines generated from the Defect Management module are displayed in the dashboard on the start page of a workspace.

Via our app poolarPROJECT, which belongs to the product line and has the same name, access to the defects is also possible on mobile and offline.

The central list with all defect entries covers all trades and is always up to date
Detailed entry for a defect with deadline information, photos and location on a plan
Defect capture in the app poolarPROJECT for Android and iOS, with
location on the plan
Defect overview list with photo display in the app
poolarPROJECT for iOS