Office Management for the Construction Sector

poolarOFFICE is our product line for the organization and management of your office, even across locations. In addition to our browser version, some modules are also available as an app for mobile use.

Poolarserver products generally are web-based and accessible via a secure internet access. There's no need to install software. We ensure that your application is always up to date and you do not have to worry about performing regular updates yourself. Our servers are located inside the EU.

  • Office Intranet

    Your office intranet is the virtual space where information and office activities are displayed and through which employees can access the different Poolarserver modules. This is also the place from where you can reach your corresponding project rooms. Our office intranet is highly adaptable to your design specifications.

Beispielansicht Startseite Büro-Intranet. Die Startseite kann an das Büro-Design angepasst werden.
  • Project Database

    The Project Database is a useful instrument for the preparation of acquisition and for project presentations. Brochures and reference datasheets for applications, competitions etc. can be generated with just a few mouse-clicks. Linking of website content is possible as well. This module, too, is flexibly adaptable to your office’s specific requirements.

  • Budget Control

    The Budgeting module comprehensively presents if you are generating a profit or a loss with your projects. Includes liquidity planning. With reference to work stages and with graphic evaluation. Requires the use of the Time Management module.

  • poolarMAIL

    Time tracking, employee information and a list of projects are available for mobile use through poolarOFFICE in the respective app stores.

  • poolarOFFICE App

    Time tracking, employee information and a list of projects are available for mobile use through poolarOFFICE in the respective app stores.

  • Employee Management

    The employee module is a key component of the intranet which other modules such as Time Tracking, Holiday List, Budget Module and Capacity Planning and others access. Central access to all project rooms by your company is also provided through this module.

  • Time Tracking

    This module enables a project-related tracking of working hours. Reports can be created in relation to employees, projects or periods of time. Additions such as documenting of travel expanses of holiday management can be integrated.

  • Capacity Planning

    Planning personnel deployment with Poolarserver facilitates the efficient use of human resources and helps to avoid shortages or overcapacity.

  • Adressliste

    One of the advantages of our Address module is its connectibility with the project database, with which a person’s different roles in various projects can be illustrated. It includes a search function and adjustable multi-step filters, a history of all entries, label printing, automatically generable letter templates as well as generation and dispatch of news mails.

  • Image Database

    This is where photographs and other documents are managed and archived centrally. The database can be filtered by user-defined attributes at any time. Especially with large numbers of project images, this allows for a fast retrievability. Can also be used as a magazine or resources library.