Contracts and Project Controlling

Simplified, one could say that a workspace with the Contracts module is a file repository for contract-related correspondence that can do math – with digital invoice approval workflows and automated reports for project controlling.

All information is linked in a central database and maintained there. The invoicing companies are usually already workspace participants and do not have to be managed separately. Central within the module are three components: Budget, Contracting Unit and Reports.

Central within the module are three components:

Budget, Contracting Unit and Reports.

While the input in the budget represents the target cost basis determined in the past (e.g. values of the cost calculation), the actual status is presented via the entry of the project-related contracting units. A special feature is that invoices are uploaded by the invoicing companies themselves and automatically stored in the correct directory. This automatically triggers and documents the predefined verification processes in the next step. The actual invoice verification is carried out locally by each verifier in their usual way, using their usual software. Only the verification results are uploaded to the verification process and documented.

Other contractual documents, such as supplements, charges, notices of obstruction, hourly wage statements, acceptances, etc., are also stored in this central location. All invoicing-relevant data is thus always up-to-date and their analysis can be retrieved continuously, e.g. in the form of monthly reports. The tasks and deadlines generated in the Contracts module are displayed in the dashboard on the start page of a workspace.

The dashboard with awarding and payment statuses is always up-to-date and part of the automatically generated monthly reports
Overview list of the contracting units, here structured according to cost groups with colored representation of the contract awarding status
Individual entry of the invoice for a contracting unit, with basic data,
schedule and sequence of verification steps